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Learning to tell time can be one of the most fun math skills to teach. These videos on telling time are a great tool to have in your teacher resources to help. We have put together a list of fun, appropriate, and informative math videos that will help your students understand telling time.  Enjoy!


Learning how to tell time is up there with some pivotal math skills. It’s one of those skills kids are proud to say they’ve mastered: “I know how to tell time! Check out these great videos below to help your kiddos have fun and master the art of telling time. 

Let’s Learn About the Clock (2:15)

Let’s Learn About the Clock song. Let’s Learn About the Clock teaches about the numbers on the clock, the minute hand, the hour hand, and how they move around the clock. It has a catchy tune that kids will love to sing and learn about telling time.


Telling Time-To the Hour (5:08)
In this video on telling time, is a fun simple way that teaches kids how to tell time on a clock. This video specifically focuses on reading time to the hour. This is a fun way for kids to learn how to read a clock by the hour.  With repetition and practice.


Learn to Tell Time to the Hour #1- (4:13)This video is focused on kids practicing how to tell time to the hour. It first starts out going around the clock by the hour, asking the kids “What time is it?”. Then later on in the video, it starts again, but goes to the hours randomly and has the kids repeat the hour themselves. This is a good way to test them but in a fun way!


Learn to Tell Time to the Half-Hour #3 (4:13)This video is focused on kids practicing how to tell time to the half-hour. It first starts out going around the clock by the half-hour, asking the kids “What time is it?” Kids will have a fun time with repetition while learning. 


Telling Time Chant to the Hour (3:12)This video starts by counting out the numbers on a clock beginning with 1 O’Clock and ending with 12 O’Clock. The next part of the video repeats this but instead has the kids repeat what time it is on their own. A fun way for quick review.


Learn How to Tell Time on a Clock (7:26)This video is super detailed and covers everything from the hour hand, minute hand, and how to read a clock; to the time of day and time passed. Filled with graphics and little stories, this informative video is great for comprehensive teaching on telling time!


Quarter Past & Half Past (2:43)In this kid’s learning video, your child will learn to Tell Time using a Quarter Past, Half Past, and a Quarter To with both a digital and analog clock! Shows both analog and digital time in a repetitive, song-like manner and is great for an introduction to different ways to tell time!


Learning About a Clock – 5 minutes (5:32)Easy to understand video that helps 1st and 2nd graders with learning how to tell time on a clock. Fun and interactive! How do you tell the time in 5 minutes? Kids can jump right in with this great fun video. A great way to start a lesson or for review.

Rock N Roll Learn to Tell Time (34:05)Telling time video helps kids learn with both digital and analog clocks.

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