Color By Number Printables Free for 1st and 2nd Grade

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Download our color by number printables FREE download, featuring four pages of math engagement for 1st and 2nd graders!

Do you enjoy finding ways to keep your students engaged during independent work? Then do we have a new FREEBIE for you! Our free color-by-number worksheets feature four pages of fun math engagement!


Why Use Color by number printables free sheets?

Students love a variety of independent activities to keep learning fun. Color-by-number sheets is a great option. They are self-checking (students should be able to see if they have colored something wrong), are a variety of (seasonal) designs, and provide skill practice. Our latest freebie supports addition and subtraction skills.

This freebie is part of a year-long bundle. In fact, there are a few different color-by-number sheet bundles based on the skill you are working for. Head to the color-by-number SHOP.

Ways to use this FREEBIE

So, how can these sheets be successfully used in the classroom? There are a couple of ways!

1. Use as an individual math station                              

These sheets can be completed independently and checked by the teacher with a quick glance.

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2. Practice 2-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping

Each color-by-number sheet includes a variety of 2-digit math problems with and without regrouping. Half of the sheets are addition and half of the sheets are subtraction. Each sheet comes with an answer key as well. Perfect for quick and meaningful sub plans, homework, or early finisher assignments!

3. Differentiate more easily with one of our seasonal packs!

Each student in the classroom may need to work on a different math skill. Teaching Times 2 has you covered! The skills covered in the color-by-number packs include:

  • 2-Digit Addition & Subtraction
  • Basic Facts
  • Fall Themed 2-Digit Addition & Subtraction
  • Fall Themed Addition & Subtraction to 20
  • Winter Themed 2-Digit Addition & Subtraction
  • Winter Themed Addition & Subtraction to 20
  • Spring Themed 2-Digit Addition & Subtraction
  • Spring Themed Addition & Subtraction to 20
  • Summer Themed 2-Digit Addition & Subtraction
  • Summer Themed Addition & Subtraction to 20

Ready to get these four free color-by-number sheets rocking in the classroom? Get your FREEBIE  instant download by clicking below!

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