Star Student Celebration in the Classroom

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As educators, we know how important it is for every child in our class to feel special. Star student is one of the ways we do this by dedicating one week to each student in our class. This post will tell you exactly how we do it!

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Star Student Poster

On Friday of every week, one of our students is selected to be the star student of the week for the following week. We write their name on the star student poster that is displayed in the classroom. Students love to see their name displayed, they get so exited!!

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Certificate, Activity Packet, and Bracelet

They receive a Star Student reward certificate and the student will then take home a letter outlining how we will honor the child that week and some information to be filled out about the student. (The student information sheet is included in our packet) Over the weekend the student is filled with excitement and anticipation as he or she awaits to be star student!


Over the weekend, the child will be responsible for practicing his/her favorite book, finding some pictures, and collecting a few items he/she would like to share with his/her class for show and tell. 

On Monday, the Star Student of the Week gets to receive a Star Student Activity Packet. It has games like a maze, word search, coloring and eye spy. We make enough copies ahead of time for each student and staple together to make a booklet and have them prepped for all year and just take one out and give to the star student each week! Easy, simple prep time and the kids love the booklets.

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The star student will also receive a star student bracelet to wear all week. We print these out in different colors and cut and store to have for the whole year to pass out. 


During the week the star student gets to be the line leader and is the classroom helper. He or she helps to pass out papers, snacks, take things to the office, etc. Gets to be the teacher helper all week. During tests the star student gets a special desk office to use.



Thursday is the day when a family member or friend can join the Star of the Week for a lunch date at school. Students get to wear their star student crown to lunch. Students eagerly anticipate this day as they get to sit with the guest adult and demonstrate their good manners. Occasionally, some adults also participate in recess with the class on the playground.


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On Friday, the star student gets to read his or her favorite book they brought for the class to enjoy. They can even bring special snacks for the class on this day and a Show and Tell. We listen to them read their story or the teacher will read their story as they pass their snack out and show their show and tell to the other students. At the end, we announce the new Star Student for the next week. Just a great celebration for any class. Make it a tradition each year for your classroom.


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