2nd Grade Common Core Math Assessments

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As teachers ourselves, we have made it our mission to help other teachers find exactly what they need when they need it. Having great assessments at your fingertips is a must. As teachers, you want to spend your time teaching not hours and hours on the web looking for exactly the right assessment or review practice for your students. Our 2nd GRADE MATH ASSESSMENTS BUNDLE PACKET will help you save time so you can teach. Check out our 2nd Grade Common Core Math Assessments below.

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Everything you need is included
in this packet for your TEACHER MATH BINDER…….

→ Multiple Binder Covers to choose from in color and blackline
→ 28 ” I CAN ” posters/divider page options in color and blackline          
Clickable Table of Contents to get to a specific domain quickly 

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NUMBERS & OPERATIONS in BASE 10: Over 30 Assessments in this packet alone
bold egg border by Jennifer Hier Design Teaching Times 2
MEASUREMENT & DATA: These assessments are great for reviewing or assessing your students over…telling time, measurement. counting money, bar graphing ,pictographs and much much more!!!

flower dot border by Jennifer Hier Design Teaching Times 2Good, quality assessments for Operation & Algebraic Thinking are hard to find. These are right on target for the standards and to get your students prepared for the end of year testing.

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GEOMETRY: Hands-on learning is fun but sometimes students just need a worksheet to apply their learning.  These fraction printables can do exactly that.


Where can I get these great Math Grade Common Core Assessments for my classroom?

Use the links below to purchase our 2nd grade assessments.  Please note that the bundled option is going to be the most cost-effective option and will provide you with the most variety of sheets.

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