October- Fold on the Bold Self Checking Skill Practice

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October seems to be the month where teachers are finally feeling a little more confident with their lessons and routines. Students are finally getting adjusted to their new learning. October is our favorite month to incorporate our Fold on the Bold Resources. We wanted a resource that would strategically target core fundamentals and raise students awareness of their own progression of the standards. But we could not find anything that met our high standards and goals so, what did we do?
We created something
new and exciting! 
Picture11 1 Teaching Times 2
All the teachers loved them and kept requesting and requesting that we make some for K-2 for all the months– so we got busy and are SO proud we did-the students and teachers love them! 
Picture15 Teaching Times 2
Each packet has over 50 Pages of skill practice and Fold on Bold
Picture7 Teaching Times 2
Picture115 Teaching Times 2
Picture11 1 Teaching Times 2
Picture117 Teaching Times 2
Picture12 1 Teaching Times 2
Picture118 Teaching Times 2
Picture10 Teaching Times 2
Picture119 1 Teaching Times 2
Picture7 Teaching Times 2
Picture17 1 Teaching Times 2
Picture20 2 Teaching Times 2

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