November- Fold on the Bold Self Checking Skill Practice

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Teachers are always looking for ways for their students to practice math and ela skills.  Student self checking is a great option because they are engaging, independent, self-correcting, and easy to prep. Students love checking their own work and identifying for themselves how and why they missed a standard. What better way to foster independent learning than with student led self correction? The students love it! 

We created something
new and exciting! 
Picture11 1 Teaching Times 2

Picture26 1 Teaching Times 2

Each packet has over 50 Pages of skill practice and Fold on Bold
Picture7 Teaching Times 2Picture115 Teaching Times 2
Picture11 Teaching Times 2
Picture117 Teaching Times 2
Picture12 Teaching Times 2
Picture118 Teaching Times 2
Picture10 Teaching Times 2
Picture119 1 Teaching Times 2Picture7 Teaching Times 2
Picture24 Teaching Times 2
Picture20 2 Teaching Times 2
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